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The Pendle Sculpture Trail

Pendle Sculpture Trail is a project  which has commissioned several pieces of sculpture by four chosen artists. Led by Pendle Borough Council, in partnership with Pendle Leisure Trust, United Utilities and Mid Pennine Arts,
it was designed to capture the imagination of  visitors to the area including families and school groups. It commemorates the four hundredth anniversary of the Pendle Witch Trials in 1612.
The Trail is at Aitken Wood, Barley below Pendle Hill in Lancashire. It is very much an environmental project, incorporating the trees and plants into some of the work, and using sympathetic materials in other works within the woodland.

Sarah has made a set of plaques which have been mounted on tree stumps.
Each one represents one of the people who were tried and condemned to death in 1612 during the Pendle Witch Trials. Images and symbols used are developed from narratives connected with each person. Plants growing in and around the wood have also been used in each of the designs.

Sarah has also produced a tall stoneware sculpture inspired by the atmosphere of the wood. It is 2 metres high and combines incised decoration.
representing tracks and pathways, with carved symbols and hollows highlighted with glazes. This sculpture is sited within a small clearing at the top edge of the woodland. The surrounding trees make a wonderful setting for the sculpture, especially when the sun is behind the trees.